Please Note;-

BOOMERANG JETS HAS A NEW AGENT and a new phone number.

After just about ten years of running Boomerang Jets USA, I have retired so will not be taking calls or orders from now on. Kilroy Richardson, well known for Kilroy’s RC Building service, is now representing BoomerangJets USA, not only at many of the US R/C Jet meetings, but also on a full time basis when not attending shows.

Kilroy  knows our kits well, having built them over many years.

 Reach Kilroy at 214-502-3598 

or by email ;-

or Gwen Richardson at


or by email;-

to answer all your questions , and to handle your orders for our kits and our large range of spare parts.

Sincere thanks and my best wishes to all of you, our loyal customers, old and new. I will miss you, but I am now intending to relax and take up new interests. I wish you all many great flying days to come.

All my best, as always,




To see a Boomerang XL doing what other jets can't do, look at this!

All Boomerang products are subject to constant review and development during their lifetime.

No special knowledge needed other than the ability to properly assemble an ARF kit, simple and quick to build and above all easy to fly. This has been a primary objective of all our designs.

If you are new to the exciting world of jet modelling and flying, then start with a Boomerang ARF kit and see just how easy it is to join the jet modellers world.

If you are an experienced jet jockey, bored with the same old high speed routine, fly a Boomerang design and revive your enjoyment with stress free aerobatics. Pure pleasure.


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